My name is Jon Peck. I’m a senior director of software engineering, author, mentor, and musician. I specialize in media publishing and electronic commerce websites.

Null Confluence

Null Confluence is a solo electronic music project by Jon Peck. Formed in 2019 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Null Confluence creates dark, introspective industrial-inspired techno and ambient.

Jon is an experienced and organized software engineer who facilitates collaborations and communication between creatives, developers, and other stakeholders. Organized with a combination of running chats and GitHub-based project management and workflow, he rapidly incorporates feedback and iterates to meet client needs.

Jon has composed soundtracks for video games, short films, trailers, and soundtracks for almost 20 years.

His traditional experience includes jazz and orchestral trumpet. He started formal piano instruction at age five and has accompanied churches and choirs, played in pit orchestras for musicals, the organ in a punk country band, and synthesizers in a progressive rock group.




Content I’ve authored or contributed to but no longer actively participate in.